IOF F2F Conference and Working Meeting, EU

Mark your calendar the week of Feb 4 for a four day conference and working sessions in Oslo Norway.

The event is to be organized by DNV GL and SIRIUS with significant participation from Oil & Gas Industry.

Tentative outline of the event is as follows:

DAY 1 – public conference, hosted at DNV GL in Oslo. The IOF presents its goals and approach in a broad-ranging opening statement. We will invite senior management figures, from companies based in Norway and the EU, who have taken a lead in implementing ontology-based solutions. They will share their perspectives on business benefits and the challenges involved, and the relevance of the IOF effort to generic industrial challenges will be apparent throughout. We will also invite leading figures from the academic and standards communities. There will be panel discussions. Preferred topics include data management in complex projects, integration across the lifecycle of assets, and collaboration between vendors and suppliers.

DAY 2 – invitation-only workshop, hosted at DNV GL in Oslo. Developers and domain experts will share their practical experiences with the IOF community. The ongoing Joint Industry Project on NORSOK standards for O&G information management will take an active role, presenting how ontologies can solve major challenges in requirements management. The program will also include live demonstrations of ontology-based applications currently in operation. There will be ample opportunity to interact with industrial domain experts and ontology specialists about effective solutions for the enterprise IT landscape.

DAY 3 and DAY 4 – IOF workshop, hosted at SIRIUS/University of Oslo. The program will be designed by the IOF community. Researchers from SIRIUS take a leading role in applying ontologies and automated reasoning to real-world problems. This offers the opportunity to include sessions on relevant research topics, including common upper ontologies, efficient ontology engineering, and automated reasoning.