The Maintenance WG is motivated by use cases including the maintenance strategy assurance, asset operator failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and predictive maintenance. Some of the initial terms considered for formalization within the WG are below.

The WG is exploring how use of maintenance domain ontologies built to adhere to a common upper ontology can enable reasoning across maintenance and asset information kept in different computer systems.

The initial set of notions considered by the WG include the following.

Developing definition for these is a work in progress and details are on the Maintenance WG Google Drive. There is a teleconference every 2 weeks and the group communicates asynchronously using Slack.

  • Maintainable item, asset and component
  • Failure mode, mechanism, cause and FMEA process
  • Maintenance work order and notification
  • Maintenance plan, strategy, standard work procedure, process, action
  • Failure and degradation states, process and triggering events.